Sunday, August 28, 2005

History Was Made, Alright!

I want to send a quick shout out to MTV for officially airing the fucking worst VMA's ever tonight. Not that they didn't send themselves enough shout outs all night. It was as if they were trying to will themselves into something approaching decent by stopping every few minutes to review the past few minutes and talk about how bad-ass it was. It wasn't.

And while I wasn't alive, I've never seen footage of the Beatles talking about "we're making history" on Sullivan. Nor did Hendrix talk about his own talent at his legendary Monterey Pop performance. Micheal Jackson at Motown's Annversary? Same thing. In short, they didn't have to. Because the world did it for them. What they were doing was that good. They spent their time on the road and in the studio figuring out a way to something no one else had ever done rather than looking at 26's and buying obnoxiously over-jeweled jewelry.

Be good at what you do—better than anyone who's ever done it—and that recognition you so crave will come. It's in bad taste to ask for it.

But hat's off to Green Day for finally getting their's after all these years and one hell of a good album. Too bad Arcade Fire or Bloc Party aren't worthy of MTV or that American Airlines Center would no longer have a roof. As it stands, it's just wet and filled with that unmistakable stank of suckdom. And ain't nothing that can wash that off.

And hat's off to the Killers for not going into that place, even if they did have to play a little pool on something looking like an outtake from MTV Panama City Spring Break.

Stay safe tonight, New Orleans. My thoughts are with you as you go through the longest night in your history.



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