Saturday, August 20, 2005

Importing CD's Ain't No Easy Task

Apple and the state of Georgia recently lured me into buying a sweet-ass new G5 iMac with the holy trinity of a student discount, a free iPod and GA's tax-free weekend. A perfect storm of computer buying factors, if you will. Throw in a flailing G3 iMac that had seen better days and it wasn't a very hard decision to make. Problem is, now that I've got aforementioned sweet-ass computer and some 600 CD's of music that need to be inside said computer.

So most of my day has been spent importing those bad boys. Now, there are services that will import your CD's onto your iPod for about $1 a pop but when you're living just above poverty level, that's a bit of a luxury. And here I thought having 600 some-odd CD's was a good thing. Think again.

The thing I've been noticing as I've been going through the CD's is that some of them aren't going to make the cut. We're talking albums I haven't listened to in years and some I'm even ashamed to still have. Not to mention the fact I'd be alloting valuable hard drive space to them. Even some of the albums I love are getting cut down to 5 or 6 songs. I always swore I was a dedicated album enthusiast and that you had to have the whole thing. Maybe not. 'Cause there's always those few songs that, even on the best of albums, make you say "well this is a little gratuitous, don't you think?" Think about that next time you go to make an album. I know I will.


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