Monday, August 22, 2005

Work Hard Sister, Love Alone Will Pay Your Bills

Right off the bat, I'll grant you that my situation is a little different. Not everyone suddenly figures out what it is they're good at at the age of 28 and then rapidly goes about schooling themselves to do it. But then again, even before I knew exactly what my calling was I still worked hard. But I swear nothing gets under my skin more than laziness. A total lack of caring and commitment to one's art. Maybe it's the teenaged sports teams talking. Maybe it's the mountain climbing. Whatever it is, I'm pretty goddamned competitive. If there's something to be won (and there always is, don't kid yourself), I'd assume win it.

I think it just makes me sad when I see people sleepwalking through it because there were days in my life when I did that and God, I regret it. I'm too hungover today, too tired, too busy, I can't do everything perfectly—I knew all the excuses. Then one day I woke up and realized how fast it can go. The one good thing to come from that day. That was it for me and laziness.

I have a little quote taped to the bottom of my computer that reads" hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." Some days I read it one way, some days the other. But it reminds me, day in and day out, someone out there is working. And maybe harder than I am. My job is to out work him.

Simple as that.


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