Saturday, September 23, 2006

A busted night.

So last night we went out for Justin's birthday. I'd been looking forward to it all week with dreams of shutting down MJQ surrounded by friends. Perhaps even going somewherre I haven't before. Who knows.

So last night we went early to the Righteous Room to meet Brendan and Kelly and a bunch of people for Brendan's birthday which was last night. It was fun. There were people there. People from work. Girls, even. Girls we knew. I don't know why we would have left.

But we just had to go to Hand in Hand. And it sucked. Hard. Same as it always does. Unless I mean you like a place full of a shitload of frat guys and c-rate girls. That place blows. Why ever go there, honestly? And then we just stood there and drank their flat beers and stared at all the cell-phone clipped-on-the-belt schmoes and their hair gel stumble around too drunk to walk. Good times.

I was home at one.


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