Monday, September 25, 2006

A couple of TV notes. And maybe some other stuff.

Two quick TV notes.

1. That Studio 60 show is incredible. It's like the West Wing for those of us who thought politics was too full of crooks and liars to be played by a bunch of talented, passionate people the way it was. It always made me sad because I wish our West Wing was filled by people who actually cared about Americans more than they do their own careers the way those actors did.

But Studio 60 is really smart and has some great commentary on how we allow our cutlural output on television to be dictated by a couple of zealot amateurs in places like Little Rock or Oklahoma City. Because a couple of right-wing crazies don't have the balls to change the channel or because they want television to raise their kids we can't have television that pushes boundaries? You had the kids, you're in charge of them. Not NBC. You don't want your kids exposed to something, don't let 'em watch it. Talking about family values doesn't cut it. You gotta walk that talk. Bitches.

Oh and the direction, camera work and choreography of the show are outstanding.

2. And hats off to Bill Clinton for not taking any crap from that hand-puppet, Chris Matthews. "Come on my show and talk about your Global Initiative—the only thing that seems to be getting anything done around here, especially in Africa—that gigantic continent south of Iraq." Oh right. That was until Ken Mehlman called him and made him throw that stupid "why didn't you kill Bin Laden" question at Clinton. Oh please.

5 years, 14 days. Nothing. Not a goddamn thing.

Let's talk about that. Bitch.


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