Monday, September 25, 2006

Did you know the Superdome is the largest enclosed sporting facility in the world? Well it is.

Sorry I fell off the bloggin' horse for a couple days. Crazy weekend even though I didn't do alot. But I did. Here, check it out.

Saturday was spent watching gobs of football with Justin at a place called "Stool Pigeons". Kind of a cool place with good windows unlike most sports bars that feel like midnight at noon. The Texas game was cut short by a nasty Austin thunderstorm. Of course the game continued but the satellite feed didn't make it. But we won so that's all good.

Then Jeff called and said he was going to see Jose Gonzalez at the Earl so off to the Earl it was. He was really cool if a little mellow and sitting down on a stage where most everyone can't see your head isn't the kind of thing to get the crowd whipped into a frenzy. But he did play that great song "Heartbeats" from the beautiful Sony "Balls" spot.

For that spot they really released 250,000 bouncy balls down a street in San Francisco and shot it beautifully. I'd like to put a few of those on my reel. Of course I'd have to go to the UK to do it it seems. Check it out.

Our Sunday morning soccer game was washed out by rain. Wish I'd known that before I got up there and suited up. But we kicked the ball around a bit and got some mild exercise so perhaps not a total wash.

There was an amazing shelf of clouds this morning on the way to work where literally the souther half of the sky was covered in clouds while the north side was beautiful blue and cool weather. I don't know if anyone else noticed but it was fantastic.

Then we had a conference call today with a remarkable director, an English fellow, who's shot gobs of stuff you'd know. Sorry to be so vague but these are touchy matters until we make a decision sometime late next week. But he called a bit later in the day to say he really liked the idea so if we want him, I think we could get him. I mean, to have this guy liking our work and telling us the bits he thought were great was massively exciting. We had a hard time focusing the rest of the day.

And I think some friends and I may take the company tickets to an utterly meaningless Braves game tomorrow versus the Mets. The Mets won the East by a mile, the Braves are booking tee times for next week.

Lastly, that Green Day/U2 opening to the Monday Night Football game in the Superdome was pretty cool. "Wake me up when September ends" is a wicked good song and the energy of that place coulda blown the roof right back off.

I'm so glad New Orleans and the league didn't desert the Superdome as it is the grandaddy of domes. You could fit the Astrodome inside it. The roof is 270 feet off the turf. Its roof is over 9 acres. Yes, I've taken the tour if you're wondering. And I've been to two games there. It is massive.

Glad the dome's back if not the entire city. But that's good for tourism I suppose.


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