Monday, September 04, 2006

Five Years On, Part IV

On September 5, 2001, I had to fly to Cincinnati to go scout out a location for a thing we were doing where a little kid (Alex I think was his name, cute kid) was going to get to play baseball with Ken Griffey, Jr. as part of a promotion we did. As we were only going for two days, we took the early flight out of LGA to try to make the most of it.

My car picked me up at some ungodly early hour at my apartment and we made our way to the airport across the Triboro Bridge. I didn’t normally get up at like 5 and so as we crossed the bridge I took my customary look back at Manhattan. I remember it being pretty lit up as usual but the World Trade Center towers were almost completely lit up. So much so you could make out the three service floors clearly. And then it hit me:

To me in many ways, those are our Statue of Liberty. Those are a visual representation of what makes this country great. They took hard work to build, they took hard work to work in. And the lights never went out. Those stood for every convenience store worker, every night watchman, every single person who is out there in the middle of the night saying “it’s time to go make the donuts.” Goddamn right it is. In many ways, as a young man fighting in Manhattan everyday, I saw those towers as a big finger to the world. Two fingers. I never thought it was a brazen thing but more a testament to the things that make this country great. A light of hope in much the same way the Statue of Liberty is. A post-war tribute to capitalism and the free-market economy.

Unfortunately, I suppose some other people saw them differently. Fuckers.


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