Saturday, September 09, 2006

Five Years On, Part IX

On Monday night September 10, 2001, my friends Mike and Brian (whom I worked with) and I went to a Yankees game. We took the subway up there to watch them play the Red Sox in a September pennant race game. Sadly, it was a downpour and so we sat in our sweet-ass company seats watching this little lawnmower-vacuum thing try to suck up some water in the outfield. It was a futile effort and would have taken him days to suck it all up. They finally called the game before it ever started and announced it would be made up some time later in the season. I don't remember.

So we left and went to the Ships of Fools bar on 82nd and 2nd on the Upper East Side to watch a little Monday Night Football. I remember Ed McCaffrey broke his leg but not much else. I left sometime after midnight to go back home. I went to bed feeling pretty tipsy. The weather Tuesday was supposed to be the onset of fall weather. I want to say I even slept with the windows open that night. God it was so nice that next morning for the first 30 minutes or so.

I saved the ticket from that night and it is now framed and hangs on the wall beside my desk. It's a little reminder to me to not take today lightly. If you look closely beneath the right descender of the "K" in "Yankees" you'll notice a small hole. One day in my office in New York I was super pissed off after a meeting and came in and threw a pen—like sidearm, no direction in mind. It planted itself in the ticket which at the time was merely thumb-tacked on a little cork board beside my desk that mainly held pictures of Radiohead. Million to one shot. I was crushed. I was so upset I spent the rest of the day trying to smooth it out.

I'm glad I kept up with it, though. It's the last thing I did before it all changed.

Another curious note is that the frame it's in was one my grandmother gave me of a picture of her and my grandfather eating at Windows on the World during a trip to New York. She gave it to me on Thanksgiving of that year.

Here's the ticket itself.


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