Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Five Years On, Part V

A short one for a busy Tuesday.

My office in NYC was in an old building built in the 20’s so it had this great marble bathroom. Not big, just old school. Everything in it was marble or porcelain, nothing metal besides the faucets and pipes. It was great. But the craziest thing was it had a window. Not a large window or even a clear one (it had a pattern to it so you couldn’t see through it), but a window nonetheless. Crazy, right?

At any rate it was open most of the time if it wasn't cold and, being on the 30th floor and facing south, it afforded a fantastic view of not only the Empire State Building a few blocks south but the World Trade Center towers as well. So, with a little dexterity, one could turn around to take in the view whilst, you know, peeing. I actully found this picture online of pretty much the exact view from that window. I guess you really can find anything on the internet. The towers woukld have been right to the right of that black building in the center of the photograph.

I always loved that. It was so New York and one of those things that was one of the thousands of reasons I moved there. After the towers were gone we started leaving the window closed because it wasn’t something we wanted to be reminded of 3-4 times a day or whatever. But I missed seeing them.


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oh snap...thank goodness for google analytics referral links...ho hill has joined the ranks of my daily blog reads. And I'm not surprised to hear that comcast still blows.

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