Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years On, Part XI

Naturally, today's will be the last of these posts and then I swear I'll write more about fun stuff in the weeks to come to make up for it. This has been a more difficult project than I had anticipated. So I'm glad to be wrapping it up.

This last post is a letter my grandfather (Paw-Paw, we called him) sent me the next week after having read what I had written about it. Until now, he and I are the only two people who've ever read what he wrote. But there's a lot of wisdom in there.

He died during my last few months living in NYC in March of 2003 just before I moved home to Austin. That always made me sad that I just missed him. He was the coolest guy I've ever known.

The last thing I'll say about all this is I wouldn't be where I am today if not for everything that happened that day. I suppose I never had the drive or courage to do what I really wanted to do before it happened. In many ways I have a lot of natural talent and I can be good at lots of thingsā€”I could have been hundreds of things and made a decent living at it.

But it's another thing altogether to be good at something you love. That's what I want, what I've been working towards and hopefully what I've become.

I think I went to live in New York in May of 2000 for a reason. Perhaps a reason I didn't understand then. I think that the threat of losing my life that day forced me to make it a life worth living. And I like to think I've spent the five years since working diligently, at times doggedly so, towards that end.

And hopefully I'll never stop in that pursuit.


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