Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hey look, a dead horse!

My as well beat it.

So we went out for some celebratory beers last night (obvious recent successes and a pre-celebration for Justin's birthday today). A good time.

But that was all quickly dashed when this morning I casually drove out of my place and right into the worst traffic jam in the history of man. Apparently there was a jumper on the elevated decks of 85 so they shut the whole thing down. So I exited, I took Northside. I sat forever. Then I cut across Peachtree Battle and up Peachtree to the office.

Total time: one hour. A little over 7 miles. I got in a little before ten.


I could have let it go. Honestly. The weather is stellar, I'm in a good mood. But Atlanta don't play like that. She takes it up a notch this afternoon and clogs every road in the city. Every. Goddamn. Road. It was amazing. Highways, streets, sidestreets, alleys, you fucking name it.

Total time getting home: One hour, ten minutes.

We had a good run honey. But Atlanta, I'm leaving you as soon as possible. You're awful.

I'm dreading tomorrow. Already.


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