Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Overheard at the Braves game.

So the Braves game was a total blowout, 12-0, in favor of the Braves over the Mets. But again, the Mets will be playing next week so I can't think they were too upset about it.

Then after the game a comment was made in the bathroom about how the Braves smoked them. And then some guy said, "Yeah, wish we could have done it in August."

That guy?


"We?" I'm not even really a Braves fan. What got into me? I think the Mets got a shot to bring it all home. But I guess perhaps I was caught up in the moment.

It was, after all, a glorious night at the park. 70 degrees maybe. Almost chilly.

Reminds me of some games in a certain other ballpark where they've won 26 World Championships.

I think it's in the Bronx.


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