Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thoughts on a rainy night.

I once read an article in the New Yorker about a guy who was blind and his experiences with the condition—none of that "it enhanced my other senses!" crap. It was deeper. One of the main things I remember about it was how he said that when it rained it gave him the unique experience to be able to make out a three dimensional mental picture of the world around him. By listening to the drops hitting objects around him he was able to see the fence, a patio table, the chairs surrounding it, the birdfeeder, plants, trees, the house itself, etc. It was fascinating to think of it that way.

So often when it rains, like it is tonight, I’ll go out and close my eyes and try to hear what I’m seeing. Of course I mostly know what’s around me but it is still an enlightening experience to try to see with your ears. I always say in the “blind or deaf” argument, I pick blind every time. I mean, music. Think about it.

Staying on the topic of blindness, I once read a story about a about a guy who was blind and was able to have his sight restored. I didn't know it was possible either. The surprising thing was how irritating sight was to him once he had it. Think about it. In our heads, everything is perfect. It's only once we see something that it either meets or exceeds our expectations. Or falls short.

His experience was that in his previous world there was no dust, there was no chipped paint or uneven picture frames. There were no unaligned remote controls, condensation rings or food splatters about the stovetop. Food did not suffer from color issues, trees did not have or not have leaves, and the grass was always green. Regardless of the season.

In essence, the world was seen as if it was a book and not the movie version we all live in day to day.

Think about that.


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