Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Big Pimpin'. Perhaps even a wee bit too big.

So tonight I wheel into my usual spot here at Post Apocalypse apartments and parked next to this little gem:

Yeah, in case you can't make it out that's a BMW 745i. That's a $75,000 auto. With custom rims. And did I mention this is at Post Apocalypse apartments? Yeah, I said the same thing: thank god I didn't get shot photographing it.

But no, seriously.

Why the hell would you spend almost $100,000 on a car and still live in this shithole? Looks like someone's got their priorities out of whack. I'l ltell you who doesn't—the guy who drives that sweet red machine in the background. That guy is keepin' it realer than real! Yeeee-ah boy!

In other news, I've got to make a presentation tomorrow to some young up-and-comers who are part of a high school program. Thirty of them are gonna make their way around the agency in groups of six as we all present to them what it is we do. Let's see, we've got media, research, account service, print production/traffic, and then creative. Wonder which one will be the highlight?

We did have to sign forms today promising not to use any obscene language. Great. If they hadn't said anything I'd be fine. Now I'm gonna be in there like some kind out Tourets sufferer. Oh, and we also had to promise not to have any inappropriate contact with them as they are in high school. Thanks alot, Foley. Way to ruin it for all of us.

I'm clearly kidding. But not about the foul language thing.

Now off to decide how best to dress like a creative. We debated shorts and flip flops and ball caps to really make the point that we are "creative." But then again, it's October.

At any rate, we're gonna make the other departments look about as fun as a Chinese rivet factory.


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