Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Explosions in the Sky

This is either morphing into some sort of blog that reviews the new fall tv shows or a sad commentary on my sad social life that I come home and sit on my couch and write and watch so much goddamn tv. You make the call there.

However, on my parents recommendation, I'm really liking Friday Night Lights. And I'll tell you why.

Explosions in the Sky.

They're an amazing, cinematic band out of Austin that play what feel like film scores—and usually 8-9 minutes long. It's a patient listen but so well worth it. You find yourself imagining whole scenes in your head. Much like Sigur Ros or a softer Mogwai. They manage to wrench some pretty decent emotion out of a show that could have so very easily fallen into Disney/Laguna Beach/90210 melodrama-crap territory had Peter Berg not been at the helm.

His direction is pretty darn good.

The writing is smart and steers clear of the usual high school cliches (i.e. cheesy cliques, everyone being rich, and no real problems aside from "girls" and "dates" etc. ) and the casting is top notch.

And Explosions in the Sky?

Well, they make it all work like a champ.



Blogger me jeff b said...

Your Hand in Mine and First Breath after Coma on the album, The Earth is Not a Cold, Dead Place…transcendant.

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