Saturday, October 07, 2006

The importance of beating OU

As I've moved about the country I've always tried to convey to people how they can't possibly understand the importance of the Texas-OU game. I mean, I know there are the Florida-Georgia games of the world. But what is lacking in that comparison is that both of those states have something to offer the union.

Oklahoma sucks.

I mean, when's the last time you went there?


In fact, there is a part of our fight song I only know as "give 'em hell, give 'em hell, OU sucks!" And there's nothing better than being pretty tipsy (or downright drunk) on a beautiful fall day at the State Fair of Texas on the burnt orange side of the Cotton Bowl and hearing half the stadium singing it to the other. And then going out to the fair at halftime to pound a few beers. It's college, they don't sell beer in the stadium. So you got to smuggle in a flask of bourbon and mix it with Dr. Pepper. That's all there is. The Pepper's got a stranglehold on the pouring rights at the stadium! It's whacked out. But in some ways a good bourbon-Dr. Pepper can be tasty. I might just order one today. Who knows.

People always are amazed at how riled up I get talking about the game but if you are a great player in the state of Texas, you have an obligation to come to the University of Texas. Or if you're not that great, A&M. However, if you decide for whatever reason to go to Oklahoma to play ball, don't bother coming back. Ever. You cashed in your residency. Have a nice life drinking 3.2 beer and enjoying the "scenery". And dust. In Norman. *

So today is the day each year we like to remind those kids who's the king of football. And academics. And the arts. And coolness. And pretty much everything else.

Let's do this.

Hook 'em!

(* it should be noted that, in keeping with their weirdnees, the Flaming Lips are from Oklahoma City. Yeah, I know. Go figure. But that, friends, is it in terms of cultural contributions.)


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