Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So here's how my day went:

While reaching for my parking card this morning at the office, I ran over a curb and blew my tire out. Awesome. So I changed it over lunch (thank god it's cold) for my spare which ain't too long on air itself. Whoops. I'll worry about that when I get home I guess. Hitched a ride with Justin to the airport.

While trying to do some writing on the long-ass flight, my pen burst spewing ink onto my tray table and the dude's next to me. By some act of god it didn't land on his or my pants.

Then they lost Justin's bag.

But LA is LA.

It's so nice to be here. I'm anxious to see her again in the daylight as it's been kind of a mystery tonight. And this hotel room is one of those ones that sucks because you're not gonna spend a lot of time in it. It's pretty goddamn nice.

I foolishly forgot to bring my camera cord or we'd be looking at sweet-ass pics of said room.

Give me a couple of days.

I guess I'm gonna go to bed since it says 2:41 on my computer. But then the room clock says 11:41.

Sweet pseudo jet lag.


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