Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mr. November

Last night I was reminded of who my favorite ball player is from pretty much every sport.

Derek Jeter of the NY Yankees.

Last night, to kick off the playoffs he went ahead and went 5-for-5 with two singles, two doubles and a dinger. Nice night at the plate, right? A guy tonight made the case that he's the kind of guy that when he's on your team you know you've always got a shot to win. True dat.

The guy only gets better in October. Although my favorite Jeter story is from November of 2001.

Due to the playoffs being pushed back that year, the Yankees were playing the Diamondbacks in the World Series on Halloween night. Rather than take some bleacher seats I went out to dinner with Sam. Damnit. I ended up watching the end of the game on her couch as it went tied up into the bottom of the 11th inning. The time? 12:00, November 1st. The first time major league baseball had ever been played in November. Jeter came strolling to the plate literally as the clock tolled midnight. And he proceeded to hit a walk-off homerun. And, I'm not kidding, a guy in the stands had a sign that read "Mr. November." Amazing. I ran around the room screaming.

Then Scott Brosius did the same thing the night following. But still.

The guy is all hustle, incredibly well-mannered and behaved, waves to his folks in the stands every game, calls Joe Torre "Mr. Torre", and he never fails to deliver when it counts.

I once had to do a big old study on which athlete Nabisco should sponsor and while there was no question for me, I worked my ass off writing that thing and pulling up q-scores and facts and quotes from everyone I could about how this guy is one of the best athletes in any sport in the world's #1 media market. It worked.

They still sponsor him. They should never stop.

Oh, my second favorite athlete, you ask?

Vince Young.

I don't think there's anyone close to him.

Except maybe Jeter.


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