Saturday, October 14, 2006


This week at work there was a lot of talk about people being a pro. Our director was constantly lauded as being a pro so there was no concern over whether he could handle our shoot and give us what we need.

A creative director was referred to as a pro because he knew his shit and got it done, free from political and egomaniacal influence.

Which got me thinking.

Last night Jeff and I went to the Built to Spill concert and there were two opening bands. The first band, Helvetia, were alright. One might call them competent. The second band, Camper van Beethoven (sp?), were much much better if not my favorite. Probably pros. Then Built to Spill came on and laid down the law. Pros. At the top of their game. Locked in to what they're doing, what each other are doing and where the groove's at.

Total pros. With a total pro beard. The kind that takes dedication. The kind that blows in the breeze and says "hey, check out my beard. It is long."

You know who else is a pro? This guy.

Beck dropped The Information on us this week. And it rocks. Odelay-rocks, even.

"I think I'm in love" should have been the lead-off single, it's that good.. "Nausea", "Strange Apparition", "No Complaints" and "New Round" are stellar tracks. Amazing even. And for straight out space-funk it don't get much better than "Dark Star." To me this is easily his best "Beck-style" album since Odelay—I still think of Sea Change as its own thing.

Ever since Todd McCulloch came busting into my college apartment in Austin one day in '93 raving about some guy named Beck, I've been a huge fan. The guy cold worked a leaf-blower in his first video! In my opinion he's his own genre. I mean who else would you lump with him? Dylan if Dylan had a sampler?

The guy's a pro. Hands down.

I'm on my way.


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