Sunday, October 15, 2006


Most of yesterday was spent praying Texas didn't drop one to Baylor after spotting them a quick ten points right off the bat. How bad would that have sucked? Then the wheels came off for Baylor. And we kicked it into high gear. Colt threw for a record 6 TD's. Final score. 63-31. Welcome to Austin. Bitches.

The other good news was Adrian Petersen broke his collarbone (I know, but he'll be fine), and Auburn did us a big 'ol favor by downing the #2 Gators. So we're in business.

Which brings us to today's soccer match. We were sporting our new red uniforms (myself in the glorious #2. Jeter's #) and came out with a vengeance. We lit them up for ten goals and I had two assists. I'm self-appointing myself the Beckham of the team, camping out on the right side and spotting the ball right to whoever is steaking on goal. We're getting scary good. And I gotta admit I'm really enjoying the hell out of myself out there. It's a blast and with a real-life referee and all the play is sharp and well-paced with a minimum of bitching. I'm kind of sad the season is already halfway over. It's a blast.

Then again, it could just be the new "boots".

Dope, right?


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