Sunday, October 01, 2006


Today's soccer match was brutal. We got hammered by a team that was like the Brazilians out there. You couldn't get the ball on your foot without there being like two guys on you. Immediately. I thought this was supposed to be like a fun amateur league composed of teams people put together at work. Today was like the cup final.

At one point I charged in on a ball in the box so feverishly I got leveled and landed on the goalie's head. I felt horrible but our only hope was to start creating some chances on the doorstep. If that means gettin' smacked into the goalie, so be it.

On top of that, the beautiful weather that had settled on Atlanta the last few days seemed to evaporate right when the ball dropped. It was HOT out there and our black jerseys did us no favors out there.

The score was probably like 5-1. I lost count after everyone on my team was gettin' all pissy and not having fun which to me runs counter to the whole reason I'm out there.

I'm just trying to have some fun and get a little exercise.

Next week I'm told we have a double-header to make up for last week's rain-out. And like three guys are gonna be out of town. And Texas plays OU on Saturday.

Sweet Jesus.


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