Sunday, October 08, 2006


Today's double-header was a tough one but we are starting to come together as a team and the ol' conditioning is comin' around a bit. Two straight hours of running will still wear you out though.

The first game was filled with trash talking and ended in defeat, 5-3. Whatever.

We turned it around in the second game with yours truly even punching in a goal. It kinda looked like this:

Not really. The goalie dove right to block a shot that then rebounded right onto my foot. So I put it in the empty net. No jersey removal or knee slides. But thank god I ended my drought. We won the game 5-2.

A couple quick other notes:

1. While I may be one of like five people who watch the Amazing Race, I'm once again hooked on it. And I've got my favorite team: the coalminer couple from Kentucky. They're not world travelers by any stretch but their quiet tenacity and friendliness has kept them right in the hunt over all the prissy little teams that spend most of their time crying and saying "I can't do this." They're savvy enough to know that people in foreign countries are super nice so long as you're nice to them. On top of that they got that good old antiquated husband-wife hierarchy between 'em so there's no question who's in charge. Although the wife is great.

2. Why'd the Yankees have to up and ruin the playoffs for me by crappin' out in the first round? Now I don't care. For two more weeks. Overpaid bastards.


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