Sunday, October 22, 2006

A squeaker

The ol' Texas-Nebraska game was a bit more of a nail-biter than I had anticpated. And it snowed in Lincoln. But then, despite Selvin Young and the rest of the offense doing everything they could to not win, a kid (I'm not kidding, he's a freshman) named Ryan Bailey came in and kicked his first ever field goal with under a minute left after our usual kicker was pulled because apparently he can't kick a doorframe let alone a 25-yarder. Until Ryan wrapped it up 22-20.

The best part? Ryan went to my high school.

Anderson High School.

In the house.

Oh and, how high is that little fella being boosted up there? Wow. And he was just the holder.

And this morning's soccer game was forfeited by the other team as they could only field like four guys. So we shifted over some people and scrimmaged it out. We beat the crap out of them and I scored a nifty top-shelf goal and picked up another bounce-pass assist off my knee. Too bad there's no photos of that one.

Although it was a rough one this morning after shutting down MJQ last night at their little anniversary party. It was, as they say, off the hook. Nice to see Bryan and Robin from school and Tyson, a friend of Josh's.


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