Monday, November 06, 2006

Raves. And some Rants.

A few raves of late:

• The new LeBron James ads from Nike. They're super funny and the guy's a way better actor than Jordan ever was. And with lines like "I'm gonna be on you like flies on shut your mouth," you can't go wrong.

• Guns and Roses. I've been busting back into the west coast catalog and have to say they're one of the better bands of the past 25 years. We'll see what happens with Chinese Democracy. If it happens at all. Of course it should be noted that when I'm speaking of GnR, I'm speaking of the original, Slash/Duff/Izzy line-up, not the later incarnations. I mean, come on.

• Chuck Klosterman. The guy's a genius and easily my favorite author going at the moment.

• Beck. His new album is wicked good.

• The Decemberists' new album. It listens like a novel.

• Anticipating seeing Borat. It's one of those films I know I'll love. There's no way I couldn't.

• Hotels. I love hotels. I always have. I love checking in and finding out what my room's like and then poking around it for a bit, checking the views, etc. Big bathrooms, big beds and super soft sheets. What else is there. Beats the crap out of my life here.

• Traveling. In general. More of it please.

• Fat Tire beer. They carry it in California. It's the best beer on earth. Try it if you're ever west of the Mississippi.

And, of course, a few rants:

• Atlanta traffic. Yeah, haven't been missing it. Even in the capital of traffic last week it wasn't that bad because they know how to drive. Don't dick around in a lane that ends and don't slow the fuck down if you're exiting. It's not that fucking hard. Fuck.

• Tomorrow's elections. I suppose I'll drag myself out there and make my vote heard but only because I think the people in power are sucking. But I don't have any confidence that whoever wins will make a difference at all. See my speech posted on 9/27 if you're interested.

• Political ads. I don't know who the bottom-feeders are who make these pieces of shit but they're clearly souless.
Once again, no one has ever gotten a job by talking about what's wrong with the other applicants. So why do we allow these supposed "representatives of the the people" get away with that crap? I'll never understand why our worst people get chosen to hold those positions. My grandfather was a long-time Senator in the state of Texas and later Attorney General and so I know good, honest people used to hold these jobs but not anymore.


Blogger k said...

I love hotels.
I love hotels.
I like turning on the TV and jumping up & down on the bed. I like to see what sorts of shampoos they give. I like to look in the closets even though I never hang things in them.

6:19 PM  

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