Thursday, November 23, 2006

Who can it be now?

I don't know what it is but it seems to me I run into more people in big cities than little ones. In New York I always saw people I know—and I mean people I hadn't seen since college I'd run into on the subway platform. One guy, Roger, I ran into like twice. Granted, alot of that is the fact everyone's on foot. I probably have driven past more than one person I know in other cities.

At any rate, Thursday night outside the Otheroom I saw my friend Beau from the Portfolio Center just driving past. Sadly, I don't have his number or anything but will try to look him up. Forgot he was out there.

Then yesterday morning, having already ripped through the good sections of the NY Times I had resorted to reading some article on the lack of good sommeliers nowadays in the "Dining In" section when I hear "Howard?"

Now, this could have gone any number of ways. Most of them poorly. I mean all that small talk and "what have you been up to?" and all that. And then you're like "where do I start?" and"how long is it until my flight?", etc. Uggh.

Alllow me count the ways this could have gone poorly (and all of these options whirred through my head in the time it took to turn my head the 45 degrees to see who it was):

• An old girlfriend
• An old girlfriend and her husband
• An old girlfriend, her husband and the kids
• Ex coworker
• Current coworker
• Boss (former or current)
• Friend of my parents'
• Friend from high school I wasn't really friends with
• Friend from college I wasn't really friends with
• Friend from somwhere I can't remember whom I spend the entire conversation with trying to place them
• Incredibly well researched Jehovah's Witness/Scientologist/Church of Christer/Baptist/etc.
• Uma Thurman (less likely)
• Autograph seeker (probably the least likely of the options)

So who was it?

Katie from LA who was flying to Portland to meet her sister for Thanksgiving. A city just shy of 10 million people and I run into a person I'd not met four days prior. Weird, right? Of course you could make the case that it was the day before Thanksgiving when airports tend to be filled with the young, the single, and those who've left home for whatever reason. But still.

Happy Thanksgiving, people. Or T-Gibbins as we sometimes call it.

While I'm sure there will be plenty of turkey and stuff, personally I'm here to go freak nasty on the world-class barbecue and Mexican food. And Shiners. And warm weather. And live music. And of course to watch Texas beat the crap out of Texas A&M tomorrow. The whole family is going. Should be a blast.


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