Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dawn of the 'Heads

I'll admit to not being a huge morning person. Sure , I'll wake up early but it jolts my system to wake up and immediately exercise unless it involves mountains. I haven't gotten up and just run two miles prior to 7:15 AM since I lived in Dallas I don't think. Oh yeah, (and I guess it is almost the shortest day of the year) but it is frikkin' dark out there at 6:45! I thought my clock was wrong. I mean who gets up that early?

I'll tell you who: your friendly neighborhood Crack Afficianados.

Ev-er-y-where. It was like Dawn of the Dead! Mumbling, stumbling and of course the requisite staring. Lots of staring. That's their favorite. I mean they're almost always out and about but not in such numbers and so mobile. By the time I roll out they're usually safely reclined in Crack Park across the street. Atlanta rocks.

I'm off to the train.


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