Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day 2

Not as good as Day 1. This morning I decided to do the ol' transferooni from the Ponce bus to the train. Everything was going fine until we stop at a stop and the driver gets up and then gets off the bus. I'm thinking "ahh crap, a wheelchair." But, oh no. The driver proceeds to walk over to a Chevron to buy something. He's gone like five minutes. And no one seemed to be bothered. Let me put it this way, you pulled that crap in NYC and that'd be the last stop you make. Either the MTA would take you out or some UES grandma would beat you down with her purse.

Then since only one of the two northbound trains goes to my stop, I had to take one then get off and tranfer to another. And that's never fun. Total time: about an hour and ten minutes. Kind of like living on Long Island or Jersey I suppose.

And at some point I've got to figure out a way to get my car home. And then where to put it at my place. I don't know that a tow-truck could fit under the garage. Or Justin and I can just push it home.

And it's supposed to rain. The fun never ends.


Blogger minus five said...

if you're going to push it home, please take pictures. i think that route could add the most excitement of all the options. why not go out with a bang?

p.s. the american lung association will come pick it up from the shop if you donate it to them.

2:25 PM  

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