Friday, December 22, 2006

A Festivus, for the rest of us

Well, things being what they've been the past few days, these things didn't make it in the mail like we had planned but I thought everyone should see how the Christmas card turned out. So, to everyone who reads this, Merry Christmas. Or Happy Hannukah. Or whatever you say in front of Kwanza.

And inside they were to have these little "deep thoughts." Here are some of the better ones:

A funny thing to do is instead of putting out cookies for Santa put out pork rinds. Sure, he’d probably eat them. But who really likes those?

Who named those reindeer? Half of them sound like hookers.

Sometimes I think of those less fortunate. But then I think to myself "stop being so selfish."

Christmas. That’s probbably Spanish for “more Christ.” I think.

I wonder if reindeer taste like chicken. Not that I would, I mean, oh, you thought. No, I mean I was just wondering. I wouldn’t eat a chicken, don't be ridiculous.

Oh, and of course a donation was made in all your names to the Human Fund.

Happy Holidays, all.


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