Saturday, December 02, 2006

God only knows

I stumbled across what I'm certain is one of my favorite movies today. Despite the weather being quite nice out, I watched the entire thing. It's easily my favorite Christmas movie. The movie?

Love Actually.

Despite being something like 6 plot lines, it's a phenomenal examination of the concept of love as it relates to every facet of our lives. There are incredible moments of creativity as well like the funeral with the Bay City Rollers song, the message-on-cards scene, the pageant scene (like a Wes Anderson movie!), and the Marseilles restaurant scene with the Portugese girl.

I'll admit I'm a sucker for big, dramatic, romantic, spontaneous moves —people following their hearts, consequences be damned. Probably 'cause I think too much to ever up and do something like that. The film's got a great soundtrack, some amazing shots, and wicked good casting. I think Colin Firth is one of my favorite actors.

But what sold me on the movie three years ago when I first went and saw it was the opening scene. In just under a minute and a half.

I always felt that way and I still do, that love is all around us but we often don't notice it. Funny thing is airports tend to bring it out. And if you ever need a reminder, think about that. The world can seem like a dark place a lot of times.

But it doesn't have to, does it?


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Why do you think too much?

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