Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Here's to the crazy ones

What's that? You're car is dead? Like never to drive again, dead? That sucks.

Let's get on to the fun stuff, however. This morning's commute, in pictures:

Exiting cracktown on the way to the station.

The footwear.

Those Sackajaweeas (I don't know how to spell it, either) the post office passed off on me? Well now they're Marta's!

And like that, the "Breeze" card is mine. I only bought the round trip. Looks like I need to look into the pass now.

And wah-lah! The building. From the side no one walks up to. No idea why the hell it's sideways like this. And frankly, don't care right now.

Total time: 48 minutes, door-to-door. Not too bad.

Now on to the even funnier stuff. Considering at this point my best bet is to just get my car and sort it out next week, Justin is all gung-ho to "roll it home" to my place 'cause it is, quite literally, all downhill to my place from the auto place. Except for one little 1-2% grade. We went out for some beers tonight and after he dropped me off said he was bringing a blanket to protect his bumper but we were going to go over lunch and "push" my car home. I think his exact words were something like "fuck calling a tow-truck, man! We'll push that shit to yo place."

I've got to go pay the piper the $200 I owe them for running the test that told me my car is toast tomorrow morning. Yeah, that can't come soon enough. Whoopee!

Oh and if anyone needs a $4000 paper-weight, call me.


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