Saturday, December 23, 2006

Is she vomiting?

Greetings from Austin. The flight in last night was uneventful aside from the girl in front of me who literally as we were turning from the taxi-way to the runway began hurling. As soon as it was safe to do so they took her to the bathroom where she stayed for the remainder of the flight. I felt horrible for her. Apparently a bum turkey sandwich was to blame. Isn't it always?

The walk to the train to the airport could have been eventful but thankfully Thomas was there. Long story short, the walk from my apartment to the Civic Center stop is right down Pine Street which is like Cracktown central, including a shelter which tends to attract the element. Needless to say, white guy carrying two bags (not of the trash variety) would be conspicuous. But as I was walking the first block I ended up next to Thomas and we kind of fell into time together. He asked if I was going home for Christmas, I said yes and told him where, and we talked a bit about the weather and how warm it was and didn't feel like Christmas. And he said hello to every crackhead on the street which I thought was so nice. I felt like I had been allowed into some sort of inner sanctuary walking along with him, no one asking me for change or anything.

At Peachtree he turned south and I continued straight for another block to the station. As we parted, I said "have a merry Christmas" to which he replied "You have a merry Christmas too, young man."

I love how old black guys say "young man."


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