Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just put Timberlake on the cast!

This is where my indie cred goes out the window but the answer to saving SNL is Justin Timberlake. The guy's crazy talented and a major comic talent. And a majorly good musician. And he knocked out the funniest skits of the season in one night. I swear to god he wrote half of them:

The "Santa vs. homeless shelter" dance-off.

The "Dick in a Box" short with Andy Samberg.

The return of the "Barry Gibb Talk Show" wtih the great Jimmy Fallon making a cameo.

"Hip Hop Kids" - you gotta recognize your sedimentary rock formations, yo!

Not to mention the muthafucka brought sexy back!

Oh, and I should also mention my undying love of Amy Pohler. Could have something to do with it. She's about as good as it gets in my book.

I was lucky enough in my first year in NYC to get tickets through the August lottery to see SNL in January of 2001. Charlie Sheen hosted and Nellie Furtado was the musical guest. Will Ferrell was still in the cast. As New Yorkers, we always felt that was our show. My friend Lauren worked as Lorne's assistant and so we always knew all the inside drama. There was a buzz Saturday night and Sunday morning about what happened. Even without Tivo and Youtube we knew what they had done because it was newsworthy.

That's why I still take it personally. It should define the cutting edge of comedy culture. It used to. It should now. Hire me if you can't do it yourselves.

But then this is what you get for doing fuck all for the entire weekend aside from sitting in your apartment doing a bunch of work and book revisions in preparation for your new year PR launch. You spend the weekend sitting in your apartment, drnking way too much coffee, warming your cold feet on your powerbook plug, listening to too much Modest Mouse and Ryan Adams, and you come up with some extra ideas.


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