Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This Christmas cheer is delicious. Can I get another?

Last night was the big company Christmas party. This year it was at Club 1150 which, being a club/discoteque and all, was an odd venue but it turned out to be a pretty good time. Even without glow sticks and ecstacy or whatever people do at clubs nowadays. The food was pretty darn good, there was a lot of dancing and apparently we hired a bunch of really funny people this past year.

Best of all it was close to home so I didn't have to drive. Which meant I could drink. And drink we did. People were geting after it. There was even a tequila shot at one point. Yowzers. We had a a couple of drinks at the Four Seasons before heading over, a bunch of drinks there and then a couple of drinks afterward at a bar across the street. Made it home a shade past two. On a school night. Needless to say, this morning was a little slow for everyone. Here's a pic of me at the party—I don't know what I'm doing with my face either. Note the pocket-square (it's the new tie, by the way.)

Not too much crazy happened but I do remember an epiode of "speed-skating" that I broke into when a girl dumped an entire glass of ice water on the floor of the bar. Hey, it's ice. I'm skating. It was documented on film and I'm trying to get my hands on it 'cause I heard it's pretty funny.

Stay tuned for hilarious speed-skating photos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's just the classic face that goes with the White Man's Dance.

7:31 AM  

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