Sunday, December 24, 2006

Well that was fun

Last night a group of us braved the monsoon that has taken over our fair city to go to the always splendid Club DeVille on Red River. It's one of my favorite places in town despite the rain keeping us off the patio. It was dead when we got there but then turned itself into a dance party as a full retrospective of 80's music kept us reminiscing about early concerts we had been to and stuff like that. Mine? Met at Work, the Cargo tour, 1983. I was nine. Mom took Martin and I to the Erwin Center to see it and it was amazing. Then I saw Hall and Oates there in 1986. Also a winner. Aimee Mann's Til Tuesday opened for them.

My old college and childhood buds Ty and David came out for some drinks. Always a good time with those cats.

We drank some beers.

We took a group photo.

Then Will (I guess whose job it was to check ID's at the door) joined our table and began a singalong with his flashlight as the mic. Oh and the best stoner song ever? "Magic Man" by Heart. According to Will.

There was more singing.

Some air guitar.

Then Will decided to dance on the bar.

And his friend decided to do whatever this is.

Good times. Clearly.


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