Monday, January 01, 2007

My 5

Apparently Alison "tagged" me for this little exercise about five things you don't know about me. Despite there probably being a good reason behind why you don't know these things, I'll play along. Even if it all feels a little myspace-y. See previous post to see how I feel about that little topic.

1. I know more about U2 and the Rolling Stones than you could ever hope to. High school was spent obsessed with the former, college the latter. I know all the little stuff. All of it.

1A. In my college fraternity (SAE, for those in the know), we had what we called "sig names." This was like your handle or nickname you signed silly fraternity stuff with. Mine was "Bono." He was alot cooler then. Apparently in my longer-haired days we bore some resemblance to one another.

2. Once in one of my ad classes at UT we were asked to go around and introduce ourselves at the beginning of the semester. When it came time for me to do so, for whatever reason I leapt up on top of my desk and told who I was and all that. Someone later asked me why I did that. I said "well, I wanted them to remember me."

3. I was class president in high school. I launched a brutal campaign of posters and custom printed cards and obvious over-promises and crushed all my would-be challengers. It wasn't even close. I won it in a landslide. Did I do it out of a desire to serve the office? Hell no. I did it strictly for college applications. My presidency was pretty uneventful. Then again, I actually won the popular vote, my term was terrorism-free, I ran a zero-deficit, didn't roll back environmental policies, my vice-president didn't shoot anybody, and we didn't invade any other high-schools. So you tell me, who really did the job to which they were elected?

4. I once gave a devastatingly persuasive speech in college on the virtues of vegetarianism. How did I get the credibility to do that? I claimed I was a vegetarian myself. The argument is pretty simple (we have no claws, no sharp teeth, and an intestinal track that is entirely too long, etc.). The hard part is spending the rest of the semester hoping someone doesn't see you out somewhere hauling down a cheeseburger.

5. I was hit by a car when I was seven years old. I was riding my bike at my grandmother's house and darted out in front of it and was quickly smashed to the pavement. I shattered my jaw, blood was spewing from my mouth, I lost a tooth, broke two vertebrae in my spine, and when they cat-scanned my brain they said it looked like a grape it was so bruised. I don't have any memory of like 2 days. I spent a few days in the hospital, missed a month of school and spent six weeks with my jaw wired shut. My brother was the one who called 911. Had it not been for him I wouldn't be here today. I now wear a helmet religiously when I ride. Curiously, not five minutes before that I had eaten a Burger King Whopper, Jr. It was the last one I ever ate.

Everyone I know's been tagged already. If not, be a pal and tag yourself. Come on, it'll be fun.


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