Monday, June 04, 2007

Casa de Me

Well, folks, I’m finally in the new place. Moved it all in yesterday. Then last night I watched some tv on my own couch, listened to my own stereo, and slept in my own bed—all for the first time since April 13th. No more storage unit, no more sublets, no more couch hopping, no more car full of clothes and stuff like a goddamn homeless person.

In other weekend news, rode bikes Friday night along the beach (full moon and all) on the way to dinner in Santa Monica at the delicious Toi Thai on Wilshire where they played the Doors the whole time. Ran into Portfolio Center bud Craig Evans randomly at a barbecue on Saturday afternoon because he lives here now (he’s been here like 3 days) and we both have friends in common so that was a surprise. And then later that night we hit the Viceroy (ahh, memories) to pass judgment on a friend’s date (the verdict: total dork) and then hit up a party (more like a get together at your grandma’s house, but to the hostess's credit, it actually was her grandma's place) up in Pacific Palisades where we were entertained with the world’s most awkwardly long Jack Sparrow imitation. Apparently the dude did some pirate stunt work at some amusement park here. Which I’m told is similar to acting. Sort of.

I mean, the whole time my mouth was wide open in shock and I was just thinking “that’s a pretty good imitation buddy, but now that we’re solidly into like minute number 4 of you not being Johnny Depp but acting like one of his characters, what do you say we give it a rest and go back to being you so I can go back to not being shocked that you’re still doing this impersonation. Still.”

And he had on a sleeveless shirt. I’m just sayin’.

And while I rarely do this in these pages, I want to send a huge thank you to one person who made the whole transcontinental move far more bearable than it would have been without him: Justin graciously met me at like 9 in the morning to help me load the truck up in Atlanta (and he brought coffee) and get me on the road at a decent hour. You the man.


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