Monday, June 18, 2007

June gloom

There's a little phenomenon here on the west coast called "June gloom" which basically involves a marine layer of moisture that in the late afternoon/early evening rolls in off the ocean and, mercifully, cools down the city. And then it sticks around until about noon the next morning. It's kind of nice in terms of temperature regulation and all that. I mean, we don't have air conditioning so we should be thankful for it.

But to hear people talk about it you'd think it was "June locusts" or "June toxic cloud" or "June everyone-gets-audited."

To the people who started warning me of the impending gloom in mid-April upon my arrrival and still talk of its horrors, I say this: move to Austin, TX. Move to Atlanta, GA. Hell, move to NYC. June gloom's got nothing on heat and humidity that make you feel like a Peep in the microwave.

But then again, I imagine people in heaven still wish their flowing robes were softer or the cloud on which they sleep had a little better back support.


She's an elusive little thing isn't she?


Blogger minus five said...

i'll be glad to bottle up some of this polluted, stinks like urine and cabbage that has sat outside for days, 68% humidity airand mail it your way.

4:13 PM  

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