Friday, June 22, 2007

Macho? No so much macho?

It’s occurred to us that we never set any parameters for judging the mustache contest. Fullness? Bushiness? Shape? Style? Or is it simply who keeps theirs longest? We’re not sure. All I know is my lip itches and I’m extremely aware of it. I know it's there.

When I’m talking to anyone all that’s going through my head is “they’re looking at my ‘stache, they’re looking at my ‘stache…” Probably admiring it, but looking at it nonetheless. And people keep saying it looks like a porn star ‘stache. Although we did have a grand time last night as we had a table of mustaches at the OtherRoom. I think people noticed.

Yesterday we had a lengthy conversation about the implications and ramifications of mustache wearing. A lot of responsiblity comes with it. I mean, it says things about you whether you like it or not. It takes a certain kind of man to wear a 'stache. A certain sense of machismo. Which is kind of nice when you work in like the whitest collar industry known to man.

That being said, I don’t know that it’ll make it through the weekend.

Maybe Friday night.


And mad props to my man Mike for keeping it mustache-real in Dallas.

That's a nice Chicago-style 'stache. A real Dytka 'stache. The kind that says "hey friend, let me hold that sauerkraut for you while you finish that Polish sausage. It'll be here when you're ready."


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