Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Things people at work today said regarding the Sopranos series finale and my responses to them

"I heard a guy hit his wife because he thought she sat on the remote at the ending when it went black."

Yeah? I heard a guy took his tv and then got on a plane and flew to the HBO offices where he smashed the screen in, poured gasoline into it from a can he bought at a nearby Wal-Mart and then lit it all on fire and threw it through their front window. And then he flew to James Gandolfini's house and peed in his petunias. Or something like that. I heard it.

"I heard people are cancelling their HBO subscriptions because they're so upset."

I heard people are being pretty stupid. I mean, like that's gonna show them. Frank the HBO accountant's all like "hey Tom, it looks we're short like $10 this month. You don't think someone, somewhere dropped their subscrition do you?" Surely not.

"I wish someone shot a video of people watching the finale. I bet it'd be crazy."

Yeah, that would be like the 5,948,973,028-bazilionth most popular video on YouTube. The ol' searches for "people watching Sopranos finale" would be flying off the hizzy, I tell ya! People'd be all like "dude, search for '30-somethings in an apartment watching the ending of the Sorpanos'. I wanna see if they like yell stuff." Riveting 'tube, I'm sure.

"I watched it again immediately on OnDemand."

I went and saw "Knocked Up" and it was frikkin' hilarious. You should see it too.



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