Friday, June 15, 2007

Strange days

Sorry for not writing much the past couple of days but something’s been on my mind. Constantly. And, honestly, there’s no good way to say this other than I’m an idiot.

Somehow last fall between all my traveling and the holidays and whatever, I missed seeing a little movie called “Stranger than Fiction.” I know, I know. No idea why as it came highly recommended from like three separate sources—one I should have trusted for sure. But I didn’t. I finally watched it the other night now that my Netflix is all address changed and back in the groove.

And I gotta admit, between me and you, it kinda blew my mind. So much so I watched the whole thing, credits-to-credits, again last night. I even rewound several scenes. Several times each. And I’m convinced I’m in love with Maggie Gyllenhaal. Sweet mother of Jesus. Not since Uma Thurman in Tarantino flicks has someone exuded such cool.

This scene is goddamn incredible.

And the ending is pretty much as solid as it gets.

I’ll be analyzing it for years to come. It works on so many levels: fate, the effect of numbers and measures on our modern lives, the whole “little did he know” discussion, life/art reflections, God. It’s even way better the second time with all the foreshadowing making sense. Killer art direction and a soundtrack loaded with Spoon songs? And that The Jam demo playing while he reads his ending on the bus? Are you kidding me?

I’m convinced it’s my new favorite movie.


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