Sunday, July 22, 2007

And in the 78th minute, God...

...strode out onto the pitch and all of us there in the stadium that night knew we would never be the same.

Well, maybe.

Sort of.

Last night we went to the Galaxy vs. Chelsea game and witnessed the spectacle of David Jesus-ham making his debut. Oh right, here was the only thing: he may or may not play. So don't get too excited.

Grant's tenacity on craigslist this week got us some last-second cheap seats in the grass to watch the game (prices plunged when news went out Becks may not play) so we rolled down there for what was to be the second game of a doubleheader, Beckham or no beckham. I was super pumped for it. I love ths kind of stuff.

It was insane. And I have no idea why the one cameraphone picture I took is sideways.

And since this was the Galaxy playing the crazy-good Chelsea club (Drogba!), it brought out pretty much every ex-pat in southern California and apparently got them all hammered drunk in the process. Really helps get the chanting and singing going. Good guys though. Very British.

And there really was a chance Becks might play. I figured he had to take a spin at some point or it'd be pretty anticlimatic. I knew if he could walk he would sub-in late or something. He had to. Everyone in the whole place was wearing his jersey. JD and I both agreed the guy's a baller and he'd lace 'em up if he could.

Then some time late in the second half with the Galaxy down 1-0, he did and began jogging a bit on the sideline (eliciting screams from everyone and of course flashes from their cameras/phones). He barely kicked an out-of-bounds ball back to the ref and the place went nuts. Then he began to take what looked to be a lap around the joint (now the game's still in full swing, btw, but no one's watching it of course) but then he suddenly turns right and disappears into the locker room. We're all like "huh, would you look at that. What a debut. We got to see him 'jog'."

Then he popped back out a few minutes later. The place goes nuts. Turns out he was just putting on his long sleeves. He likes the sleeves. And then he got serious about stretching out before he walked over to the sideline.

Now I've been to several live sporting events where crazy stuff has happened and records have fallen and stuff, but this was something else entirely. I mean, this game meant nothing really and he was coming in really late but it felt like this was Roy Hobbs coming to the plate at the end "The Natural." Like we're all rapping our prgrams in our other hand and saying out of the side of our mouths, "come on old chap, we need this!" We all figured it would go something like this: Beckham would come in and equalize it on some crazy bender and then put it away with some ninja-ass, bicycle kick. How could he not? The energy in that place could have carried it.

I mean, the whole place was on their feet chanting his name like a bunch of crazies. Me included. We didn't sit down for the rest of the game. One might even say we were mad for him.

Of course he did very little once he did finallly take the field aside from an exciting corner kick at the very end. But that didn't stop the guy behind us from yelling things like "kick it to Beckham" or "pass it to Beckham" or similar thoughts no matter where the ball was or who had it. Or he'd just yell "hey Beckham, score a goal!" as if ol' Becks might have been unclear as to what the $32 milion was for. Sometimes he'd just whistle the loudest whistle you ever heard—well, back when you could still hear, that is.

I'm pretty sure Beckham got the message. But it was not to be.

1-0, Chelsea in the end.

But it was frikkin' awesome though.


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that sounds like a pretty sweet game, even if he didn't play. i need to go to more games.

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