Sunday, July 15, 2007

Your typical summer weekend

The weekend kicked off in Hollywood when I met up with the great Paul Janzen who had been in town shooting this past week. We met up at the Roosevelt Hotel where he was staying, smack dab in the middle of tourist-ville. Right on Hollywood Blvd. Despite all the traffic to get there on a Friday night it's still always fun to get up there now and then.

Fortunately we were able to kick it poolside at the pretty chill Tropicana Bar. Then we went to eat at Velvet Margarita which I'm afraid I would not recommend. It was kind of the definition of "so-so." But hey, they can't all be winners. And it was within walking distance. Then it was back to the Tropicana for more drinks and a bunch of "the difference between New York and LA" discussions. Paul's a former west-coaster (and a Canadian!) so he's seen both sides.

The rest of the weekend was spent bumming around, riding my bike, listening to all the new albums that came out this week. I gotta say, that Spoon one is shaping up to be pretty great. Interpol is growing on me.

I also bought the new album by a guy named Nick Lowe whom I've been a big fan of for a long time. It's called, appropriately, "At my age."

Even though it's only 33 minutes long, it's another solid winner from the elder statesman—easily his best since "Dig my mood." It's like his radio broke somewhere around the Buddy Holly era and, despite his being British, he just keeps turning out these beautiful albums of organ and horn-drenched songs that sound like they're coming straight out of an old hi-fi. You can practically hear the martini glasses rattling atop it. Delightful.

Oh yeah, and then today at the beach we saw like 15 dolphins swimming down the coast like 30 yards out in the water. While I've had the good fortune of seeing whales that was the first time I've seen that. It was pretty darn cool. I just kept calling out "swim on little daddies, swim on."


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