Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Is it just me….

…or is there a frikkin’ crapload of summer awesomeness on cable right now? I gotta admit, I’ve been doing a lot of work on the couch at night on a little sumthin’ and therefore had time to catch some pretty solid programming. Granted, not all of it’s quality but for sheer “are you kidding me” value, it’s been pretty impressive. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

First, the good:

“Mad Men” on AMC
Obviously it’s an ad show so there’s that but it’s pretty well done even if it is mired a bit in that “gee-whiz” 60’s period. Makes me think of what my old agency was probably like 40 years ago when a bunch of future sexual harassment suits were still walking the halls. Good times.

“Rescue Me” on FX
Still the best show on TV, right next to “Friday Night Lights.” And just watching Dennis Leary’s character repeatedly self-destruct leaves your feeling instantly better about your own life. Hell, this is the guy who may or may not have thrown his baby in the East River last week! Talk about messed up.

And now, the train wrecks:

“The Two Coreys” on A&E
I’m not gonna lie to ya, that Corey Haim ain’t well. I had no idea what a wreck he was. Mood swings, heart problems, a career that’s been dead for over a decade. If that ain’t a recipe for disaster then I’ve got no business in the kitchen.

“Confessions of a Matchmaker” on A&E
A woman helps a crop of lovable losers find love in Buffalo, NY, the self-professed “lonely hearts capital of America.” God bless ‘em for even tryin’ but some of them are hopeless.

That “fat people hoping to have various surgeries” show on TLC
For sheer mouth-agape-for-the-full-half-hour value, it’s a winner. Oh, and of course it’s set in Houston. Where else, right?

That “Mystery” pick-up show on VH1
The famous pick-up artist, Mystery, takes on a group of dorks, dweebs and geeks and tries to turn them into ladies’ men. Just started last night but could have potential.

“Rock Life” on VH1
A crap band of semi-famous people’s kids from LA lives in a house in Malibu and plays pretty subpar rock at places like the Roxy and the Viper Room. Oh yeah, and the band is called Whitestarr. Yeah, with two “r’s.” That’s cheesse with two “s’s.” Just started last night too but if the guitarist named “Rainbow” throws another crap solo like he did last night, I’m out.

I haven’t watched that “Scott Baio is 45 and single” show or the “Man Band” show (where they take several of the b-team members of like NSync and Color Me Badd (that’s with two “d’s”) and see if they can save their careers) but they both look horrible. So I might just have to catch them.


Blogger ktothefe said...

Check out "Hey, Paula" on Bravo....it's an amazing true-life train wreck that rivals HBO's short lived series "The Comeback"

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