Thursday, August 02, 2007

One man's theory

Well folks, I'm kinda sorta back. Work set me up with a new computer so I'm now able to tell you fine people what happened during last weekend's big burglary.

Now, I'm no detective but I do have some pretty awesome sleuthin' skills so here is my theory:

For about the last month or so the house next door has been under reconstruction as a result of a fire it suffered before I ever moved in. This past Saturday happened to be roofing day and so there was a collection of prolly something like 20 some-odd dudes all up on the roof of the house all day. Usually the crew is much smaller. But roofing is apparently a job custom made for a bunch of illegal mexicans so they brought as many as they could.

So there you've got 20 dudes perched up on a roof that had a unique vantage point from which to watch my comings and goings all day. And to watch the goings of the woman who lives in the front house as she and her son carried out their bags Saturday morning for a long weekend. So Saturday evening about 6:15 when I left for the night they would have been able to see me walk out and get in my car and drive away knowing that everyone in both the main house and the guest house were no longer home.

So they robbed both of us. I didn't know they had robbed both of us when I went to the coffee shop Sunday morning to post that last post. But it turns out they did. Turns out they stole all the same stuff: laptops and video cameras and jewelry and stuff, just like mine.

Guess you better make their glass of bad karma a double. To go.

In hindsight, I'm pretty sure I showed those mexican dudes how to do it. I had come home from the beach Saturday afternoon on my bike to find scaffolding up and down the side of the house preventing me from getting me and my bike back to my house. So I just told the dudes "don't worry about it, I'll just hop the back fence in the alley." You know, like we were all friendly and stuff.

What I should have said was "hey, watch this. I'm gonna go back in the alley and show y'all an easy way to get out through the gate in the alley after you rob me later today."

I've clearly lost my New York-ness out here. Trusting the mexican roofers next door? I'm off my game.

It probably didn't take more than a minute or two for them to rip through both of our places and grab the most expensive items they could carry and shuttle them out the back gate to the getaway vehicle waiting in the alley.

The LAPD's been pretty honest about how they're prolly not gonna do anything about it because burglaries are pretty common in the Venice area especially during the summer when everyone's windows are open. Whatev, I say.

Thanks to everyone who's expressed their concern but honestly, it's just stuff. And I know who did it. And i know it wasn't personal. And it was all insured. So aside from it being a hassle dealing with paperwork and receipt hunting it's not that big of a big deal. I remember my brother's bike got stolen once when he lived in Hawaii and him saying "they probably needed it more than I did." I don't know that that is necessarily true in this case but I've been trying to take that attitude about the whole thing. I was blessed to have had the stuff in the first place.

Tomorrow I'll get back to more fun stuff, I promise.

Sorry for the downer week.


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