Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Last night we went to see my favorite band, Spoon, at the Henry Fonda theatre up in Hollywood. Over the course of the show I had two big epiphanies.

The first:

Hip hop is a pretty good opener for a rock show. Dr. Octagon (who is a the Dan the Automator-produced moniker of the former Kool Keith, the famous New York MC) opened the show and I gotta say were pretty damn entertaining. I think it had more to do with the concert having something to do with Wired’s NextFest which is in town but I still thought it was a creative pairing. And it worked. Kinda like the upcoming LCD Soundsystem/Arcade Fire show that should rock much pants.

And the second:

Spoon are simply a goddamn great Texas band. A great band in general, but another in a long line of great Texas bands going way back to Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Like halfway though the show, after watching Britt wrestle with his guitar in skinny light-gray pants and a black shirt, it hit me that I suddenly felt I could draw a straight line from Spoon last night all the way back to Buddy Holly. It was all connected. I know it seems a stretch.

But I also remember thinking if Buddy was alive today he might very well be making music as jumpy and jerky and grooved and simplistic as Spoon’s. And he’d probably look a lot like Britt if he had blonde hair. Well, aside from the glasses. But look at them both jab with the guitar.

All these photos courtesy of the folks at Laist.com, btw.

As far as the concert itself, it was pretty dope. They played in front of a massive silk-like scrim that when it was lit white and blue and red and yellow made the place look like some kind of Art Deco magic world where they were simultaneously playing inside Tiffany’s and then in some Robber Baron’s ballroom and then the lobby of the Chrysler Building and then suddenly the grand foyer of Clark Gable’s house as he's inviting you in for a highball. It was very Hollywood.

They opened with the stellar “My Japanese Cigarette Case” and they even brought out the horns for “Cherry Bomb” and “Jonathan Fisk” and a seriously funked-up version of “Stay Don’t Go” replacing the looped vocals of the record version with heavy guitar and, of course, the horns. Brilliant. I’m fighting the temptation to go back tonight and tomorrow night.

The full setlist, if you're interested:

Japanese Cig Case
Don't You Evah
Cherry Bomb
Stay Don't Go
The Beast and Dragon, Adored
Rhythm and Soul
The Ghost of You Lingers
Don't Make Me a Target
Vittorio E.
They Never Got You
Monsieur Valentine
I Summon You
Fitted Shirt
I Turn My Camera On
Quincy Punk Episode
The Underdog
Jonathan Fisk
Black Like Me

Eddie's Raga
My Mathematical Mind


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Awesome. I'm going to see them on Sunday:

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Blogger Howard said...

That festival is gonna be crazy good. Modest Mouse, Spoon...I may have to drive up for it myself.

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