Friday, October 05, 2007

Naegleria, the dreaded brain worm

I first heard about Naegleria, the dreaded brain worm, in Ms. Spiser's 7th grade journalism class. And for years I was convinced my next swim woukd be the one that would let the dreaded brain worm gain access to my nose and consequently make his way up into my brainspace where he would then go to town on it. And chow it down like a State Fair corny dog. And then I would die at the ripe age of 13, brainless and at the tentacles of a microscopic worm. I was certain of it. It's actually a tiny amoeba but "worm" sounds so so much awesomer.

That was 1987. I mean, the truth was something was gonna get you. It was either that or nuclear attack, Lebanese/Iraqi invasion, freak weather event or something ozone-layer related. Clearly we've made significant strides in the past 20 years 'cause none of that stuff ever crosses my mind now.

I stayed obsessed with "the nog" for years. So much so that during our annual Egg Nog party at the old SAE house in college I would use the occasion to try to warn my friends of the danger lurking in the water. It was my own personal lupus crusade. But mostly we'd just get hammered drunk on egg nog so I'm not really sure my message got through.

Now this little guy is all over the news again and people are dropping like, well, they're dropping like nog victims.

We're screwed. That's all I'm sayin'.


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