Friday, January 04, 2008

The best birthday present I could ask for

About a month ago I read a fascinating story in The Atlantic about why an Obama presidency would be good for America. Beyond the obvious “anything’s better than the dickheads we got in there now” argument, of course.

The main arguments went something like this.

An Obama presidency would finally break us of this ridiculous Vietnam-era quarreling we’ve been mired in as the baby-boomer generation has divided this country and refused to move past their “we went/you didn’t” mentality. We’ve bickered long enough, don’t you think? And sadly gotten very little done as a result.

An Obama presidency would send a clear message to the world we’re changing our tune. It would say “we’re aware of how reckless we’ve been and we’re ready to start making it better, not just the 90’s again,” if you know what I’m saying. To quote the man himself, not talking to the world doesn’t make us look strong, it makes us look arrogant. And judging from some of the conversations I had in Canada this past week, people are willing to give us one more chance. What say we not waste it on Clinton II, eh?

Lastly, an Obama presidency would in one day, with one simple image being blasted to televisions in the far corners of the world, without the hindrance of language barriers or translation, say to the young and the disenchanted that yes, we as Americans elected a black man whose middle name is Hussein, who studied in their neck of the woods, and who most importantly is not a white guy in his 50’s or 60’s. Like it or not, that’s something.

I think Bill Clinton was a good president. I think the 90’s were a pretty good decade for us. But it’s 2008 now and I have no interest in going back there and letting yet another baby-boomer try to tell me yet again who's to blame, or who's out to get me, or who I should be scared of, or that the other party aren’t Americans and therefore don’t deserve a voice.

This is a great country. It deserves a leader that is as well.

So thank you, Iowa. Thank you for taking the chance. For “rolling the dice” as the Clinton camp would have us believe. For, as the media this morning kept saying, “showing that some cracker-ass Midwesterners can vote for a black man.” That’s insulting to Iowans, that’s insulting to black people, that’s insulting to America. What about “for voting for the best man for the job?”

Hate something, change something.

It'a long road from here, but consider this Fascination Streak’s official endorsement of Barack Obama.


Blogger minus five said...

dude. barack obama will be our next president. i love him. and i'm always right about who will win elections.

11:25 PM  
Blogger me jeff b said...

word. i've been preaching the whole boomer generation rift theory for years and finally someone else agrees!

got tell mama…elect obama!

7:47 PM  

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