Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Livin’ large, bodega style

My friend Kelly in NY sent me this video and I thought it was pretty damn funny. Funny enough to share with you fine folks. And given the seemingly inevitable recession we’re barreling towards it might even be instructional for you New Yorkers.

Looking back at my time in New York, I don’t think I ever took full advantage of the many fine bodegas. Oh sure, I visited them all the time but I always went for the $12 six pack or the $10 box of cereal like Daddy Frikkin’ Warbucks. Of course there is a bit of a difference between a Bronx bodega and a Manhattan one, but still.

I suppose part of me always wondered “who in the world buys those Utz chips and $.25 snack cakes anyway?” But then again that may be the reason I’m still working while the people who bought those are probably relaxing somewhere on the Jersey Shore. Or dead from preservatives.

I guess we have “bodegas” here in LA but they’re bigger of course and more Mexican than Korean in heritage. Then again, we also have full-size grocery stores and cars here so my need for quickie shopping at bodegas isn’t what it was there in New York.

I’m gonna go have some pork rinds and some malt liquor now. Barf.


Blogger minus five said...

bodegas keep me stocked on most everything i need to maintain my healthy and active lifestyle. it may be the texas in me, but i've never been able to bring myself to buy the wise or utz brand of anything. or touch any of the delicious pastries that aren't clearly labeled "hostess."

7:21 PM  
Blogger krr said...

Utz potato chips are rather delicious. There aren't many in the bag, but they are light and crispy, and perfectly salty. And, Howard, have you ever had the spicy pork rinds? They're kinda good. I can say that I've never had the yellow food group meal...or a County Club malt liquor...ugh!

12:55 AM  
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2:40 PM  
Blogger Howard said...

Hey Barb,

Go fuck yourself.



2:47 PM  

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