Friday, February 22, 2008

The Men’s Wearhouse called….

Is it just me or does John McCain have the worst suits? The guy’s a goddamn US Senator and now a nominee for President of the United States and it looks like he’s buying his suits on Canal Street or from one of those places advertised by homeless guys in sandwich boards. I’m a lowly advertising copywriter and even I own like three suits that each put his to shame. Of course I’m not 90 years old and did win “best-dressed” in high school, but still. I think we can agree I’m not rich or powerful or certainly presidential material.

McCain’s suits are all puckered up in the shoulders and way too big and so they hang on him all jacked-up and when he raises his arms (I know, I know, he was in some sort of war or something a while back and something happened to his arms) the shoulders look like he’s got about 4 vertical inches of padding in there. Check out his right shoulder (our left) sometime and see what I mean. Is this some sort of republican thing to try to look all beefy and bad-assed? Like when our current shithead-in-chief stands like a gunslinger with his arms all out like 5 inches from his body?

Whatever it is, it ain’t working.

McCain is the Bob Dole of the 2000’s. Give him a year or two and he’ll be hawking Cialis or Retstasin or that restless leg drug or that one that keeps old guys from peeing a lot. Just watch.


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