Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fuzzy freaky

Caught the Raveonettes show last night at the El Rey and was struck by a couple of things. A few things really.

First, the Raveonettes are painfully cool. Devastatingly so. Seeing them makes you feel like you’re wearing elastic-waisted Rustler jeans, an Old Navy flag shirt and some of those bright white sneakers of no discernable brand. We’re talking like ray-gun cool.

Second, they’ve apparently done away with a proper drummer in lieu of an androgynous girl with a tom and a snare she played standing up. That’s it. At first I thought it was pretty cool then later I thought it was kind of lame and then by the end of the show thought it was kind of fitting for their sound. It’s like “if David Lynch had a band, would he have a drummer?” Hell no. He’d probably have what they had. Check it out in this clip of them rockin’ “Dead Sound” last night:

Third, the Raveonettes don’t use a lot of cymbals in their tunes. At least their latest tunes. I suppose it took seeing the girl with just two drums to help me realize that but it’s true.

Lastly, the Fender Jazzmaster guitar may be the coolest guitar of them all. If you’ve ever dug yourself some surf music, you’ve heard it. It’s got that weird, slightly eerie sound that’s just a little off. But when it’s used properly, so right on.


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